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Sex Ring

Sex Ring and Stimulators are the product of 21st century technology no longer do you need to use the crude items like pilik mata of kambing this silicone stretchy does the job perfectly





Bunny Cock Ring

Spread her legs and let this cock ring help you do the job! This Rabbit Cock Ring is designed to maintain erection and to prolong male ejaculation. A cute rabbit shaft that provides clitoris stimulation while thrusting. To even spice up everything 7 different speed of vibrations are added. Beat up the timer and keep it up for her!! P700.00 


7 Vibrating speed

Maintain Erection

Prolong Ejaculation



This video is for instruction how to use only! Actual picture at the left side


Mouth Tongue Cock Ring

Give her an unforgettable love-making experience when you strap this baby on! The Tongue Vibrating Cock Ring's large loop wraps your balls as the small loop works the base of your shaft for super-hard erections! Soft TPR tongue gently jabs her clit with every thrust!

Switch on the removable bullet vibe and see her hit the ceiling! Free batteries included.

 P1000.00 Now its on Mega Sale P800.00

Mouth Tongue Vibe Finger Ring

Mount tongue sensation. Experience two bliss in one. With super strong motor washable, Super soft and flexible!!!7 patterns vibration!!! Waterproof!!! Required 3 button cell LR44 batteries (included) Put the batteries in the bullet, press the button on one side of the bullet to open and close your pure ecstatic experience. Wash product thoroughly before and after each use. P1,200.00 NOW ON SALE  P1,000.00

Foot Ball Cock Ring

 Need a finger to perk you up? You and your partner would marvel on this yummy delight. Football cock ring brings the finger to her labia and sends her soaring to the moon with speed and portability on your side. Your partner would soon shout football!  P 900.00 Now On Super Sale P800.00



Butterfly Cock Ring

Man this butterfly is for you! Go fly to her flower and sip those nectars out! This cock ring has a butterfly designed shaft that acts as the clitoris stimulator while having sexual intercourse with her. With 7 different vibrations to intensify each thrusting. Prolongs ejaculation and maintains erection can be attained with the use of the cock ring. Fly now with this Butterfly Cock Ring! P700.00


7 Vibrating speed

Maintain Erection

Prolong Ejaculation




Dolphin finger Ring

Flipper has a cousin! This would sent your partner chirping at you as you turn on the multiple vibration mode. Select various vibration speed and watch how she begs you to turn up the heat! P1000.00 Now its on Mega Sale at P800.00



Ball Banger Cock Ring

Just thrust away while wearing the Ball Banger Cock ring to feel 3 weighted teasers swing back and forth, stimulating you and your lover with every pump of your powerful rod! The soft-coated weights add just the right touch of extra stimulation, so you can both go off like rockets. Strategically placed nubbies on the teasers and the penis ring add extra oomph for lasting, blow-your-mind sex Requires 2LR41 batteries ( battery included).P800.00 if non vibe P500.00


This video is for instruction how to use only! Actual picture at the left side


Vibrative & Condom

The Vibrative & Condom gives you pleasure and security in one package. This Vibrative & Condom Multi-Speed Vibrating Ring, 1 count, offers four vibration levels: regular, extra intense, pulse and intense pulse. You can cycle through the levels with the push of a button. The Vibrative & Condom works for up to 30 minutes. You can use the ring with or without the condom. P250.00


1. Remove the vibrating ring from bag.

2. The vibrator is upward and the stimulator faces frontward.

3. Switch it on by moving the arrow on the vibrator unit forward.

4. One time use only. Please don not use for more than 30 minutes each time.


This video is for instruction how to use only! Actual picture at the left side


Jelly Cock Rings


6 pcs of jelly fun! These 6 different design will definitely change your sex life! Six different design you can use for sexual variety . Easy to clean and easy to bring makes this sex ring a fun of you sexual activity. P100 each, P500 Set of 6



Double Finger Cuffs

The finger teasers are made of hygienically superior silicone that give new sensation to foreplay! P800.00

Size 3" long by 1" diameter




 Triple Erection System New Item

Build Better Orgasms With Our Erection Set!

Wear these 3 rings together or separately for a new orgasm experience!You’ll get all three super-stretchy clear silicone cockrings at one great price! Use 1 for traditional restriction,  2 for harder erections or all 3 for an enormous erection! All 3 have pleasure nubs for him and her. Buy 2 get 1 Free total 3pcs in a set. Imported from USA. P900.00 Now on Mega Sale P600.00



Material: Silicon Made, black and clear color available

This video is for instruction how to use only! Actual picture at the left side





Pilik Mata ng Kambing

Soak the Pilik Mata ng Kambing in warm water 5 minutes before sex and place around the shaft. During erection the ring will tighten itself and with each thrust the fine hairs will stimulate the clitoris and the opening to the vagina. P500.00 Now on Mega Sale P300.00



Sexy Eye Extender Sex Ring Silicone Style!

Send your lover soaring to new heights with this ingenious cock ring!

This cock ring is covered with hair like feature but is silicone made for hygenic purpose. With pleasure nubs to help intensify the vibrations and your lover’s pleasure. This Sex ring swings to the rhythm of your love making – tapping her taint and tush for a dirty little thrill as you pump away! Set of Two P 500.00 or P 350.00 each



Black Tri-Rings

3 erection-prolonging rings for one fantastic price! Small, medium and large stretch rubber rings can be worn individually for sustained stiffness. Or go wild and wear all three- one at your tip, one around the base of your shaft, and the largest ring around your scrotum for extreme erotic sensations!P800.00 Now on Mega Sale P600.00




Heavy Cock Ring

Make your erections last longer and firmer with this heavy cock ring. Spike design provides enhanced stimulation to the vaginal region.P400.00 Now on Mega Sale P350.00




Joy of Six

You'll be delighted with these six penis sleeves designed for your vibrator or your partners shaft! Each clear silicone sleeve has different ridges and nubs. Try one alone or try a few together for multiple sensations during your most intimate moments. One size fits most! Also shown is the  clear Big bolitas penis ring P500.00, Joy of six is P150/piece, P700 6pcs. or P1,000 complete set with big bolitas, imported from USA.


This video is for instruction how to use only! Actual picture at the left side







Penis Pleasure Sleeve

Here's an erection sleeve that blends the best of modern technology and the ancient secrets of love. This stretchy silicone sleeve fits snugly around any size of penis or pleasure toy. Its Studded with an abundance of pearly beads that press against your lovers inner arousal points, stimulating her to new heights of passion, and enhancing sensation all along your shaft. P400.00







Ultimate Stroker Beads

Ladies––dress up his erection with these crazy metal-look disco beads, then send out for oxygen––because you’ll need it! You see, madam, while the elastic stiffens his wood and makes it harder, the beads roll against your lovely lips––then you’re both gonna come BIG TIME! P500.00



Deliver Double-Penetration Pleasures – All By Yourself!

Have all the kinky fun and excitement of “D.P.” sex ––double penetration–– without a third partner! Just slip on this combination cockring and dong and fill ‘er up! While you’re thrusting away, turn on the mini-bullet vibe at the base and you’ll both go wild! Your D.P. Cockring can be used for either anal or vaginal thrills! 5 1/2” tall, 1” wide. FREE batteries included. P 1,700.00 Now on Sale P 1,200.00 


This video is for instruction how to use only! Actual picture at the left side



Ejaculation Delayer Cock Cage

Forget all the mumbo-jumbo talk about special ingredients and secret Asian formulas passed down for centuries. Introducing this new gadget to delay premature ejaculation. The strong vibration from the two eggs will boosts muscle control so you can orgasm when you want to!This Sex Enhancer will give another powerful enjoyment. Includes 3 LR41 button cell batteries. P900.00



Adam & Eve Finger Bangers

Make Her Howl With Just Your Finger!

Cosmo's Sex Toy of the Month for January 2016!

"...foreplay that feels like a million bucks." -Cosmo Magazine

These cute and fun mini-vibes will leave your lover quivering! P650.00

• Drive your partner wild with every touch
• Finger vibes are just what her clit and nipples need
• Tapered tip focuses vibrations for maximum pleasure
• Ring base fits comfortably around your finger
• Pick from two stimulating designs – ribbed blue or nubby purple
• Discreet design makes them travel-friendly & easy to hide
• Single-speed vibe runs for up to 1 hour on disposable batteries
• Measures 3 inches long by 0.75 inch wide
• Made from flexible and stretchy TPR






Dolphin Cock Ring

Flipper has a cousin! This would sent your partner chirping at you as you turn on the multiple vibration mode. Select various vibration speed and watch how she begs you to turn up the heat!

 P 1,200.00 Unbelievable Now its On Sale P1000.00





Pro Tip Extender

Heads up buddy! Upgrade your love making skills. Make her scream for you with this Pro-Tip Extender. Deeper penetration with the 2 inches additional length to your size. Different sleeve designs to choose from to add extra more stimulation for the both of you. Be confident to thrust her and satisfy her thirst. P600.00 Now on Mega Sale P500.00

  • Enlarge the Size
  • Adds stimulation
  • Luxurious body safe silicone
  • Smooth, phthalate free
  • Waterproof Vibe
  • NOT TO BE USED as a contraceptive or as protection against sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Also Available in different designs see pictures for the variants



Neptune Sleeve with Clit Stimulator

Attention earthlings! Customers asked us to search far and wide to find an erotic penis and vibrator sleeve that would enhance your next lovemaking session and we came back with the Neptune Sleeves.  These cosmic looking sleeves are ultra soft super stretchy and made from a clear jelly silicone.  Covered in dozens of tickler and pleasure bumps. Neptune can turn your favorite lovemaking into an orbital orgasmic experience.  P 600.00 NOW ON SALE P500.00




Pharoah Sleeve - Big Head

Begin with the super-stretchy silicone love ring, worn on the penis to increase length and firmness of erection. This sleeve is covered in dozens of sensual nubs to stimulate her hot spots! Great as is–but wait– the Big Head Pharoah delivers the finishing punch! Ram the head and the body's clitoral tickler for out-of-this-world experience. No dangling cords! This system is ready to go the moment you get it on. Keeps both of you going...and coming!  P600.00 Now on Mega Sale P500.00






Tickler Sleeve

Men: Slip this unique silicon sleeve over your erection and  gain a FULL INCH immediately! Then drive her wild with an arsenal of tickler dots on the head and the shaft, and rubbery "spikes" on the collar. SUPER STRETCHY material helps this sleeve fit over any size Johnson. Its easy to find that special spot of pleasure when you put the "penis of lust" to work. Your penis become the master or mistress of pleasure as they slip into place giving you complete control. Made of ultra soft silicon, these gems come in handy. One size fits most! Pure penetrating delights! This deluxe silicon flesh feel tickler sleeve is super stretchy to fit over your erect penis. And you'll get twice the pleasure since its easily turned inside out of your choice of super soft pleasure studs or ribbed shaft with tickler head.  P500.00



Penis Extender Sleeve

Make a bold bedroom move with Penis Extender Sleeve! Slip on the vented 6” sleeve to give your willy extra support and length to go the extra thrustin’ mile. Unique textures give each sex toy sensations you’ll both want to try over and over! P500.00


This video is for instruction how to use only! Actual picture at the left side


Gold Bao Pleausrizer Condom

Gold Bao condoms are specially designed to enhance sexual pleasure.Cool mint tingling sensation adds fun for both you and your partner. P200.00 Now on Mega Sale P150.00

  • Electronically screened by manufacturer for quality assurance
  • Made of natural latex
  • Lubricated




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