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Nina Hartley's Guide to Better Cunnilingus

Giving or getting, this explicit tape will answer ALL questions, from the physiology of sex organs to the nitty gritty of going down. Nina covers PC-correct (as in pubo-coccyx muscles) issues like Kegel exercises and the perineum or "taint". Angela Faith lies back in a Love Swing as Dave and Moose demonstrate what they’ve learned. PLUS: a torrid girl-girl fantasy with Nina and Angela. 50 X-rated minutes.


Nina Hartley's  Guide to Bondage Sex

Get tied up!

Navigate the ins & outs of bondage while learning how to tie more knots than a Boy Scout! Nina & bondage expert Claire Adams walk you through bondage rope techniques step by step – teaching you how to do everything you see in the movie in your own bedroom! Don’t miss a tied-up Trinity bouncing on Van’s cock! Includes stretching & contortion techniques and safety tips. 117 minutes.

Scene 1: After securely tying up Nina’s arms and legs, a corset-wearing Claire Adams dons a strap-on and slips it to Nina while massaging her clit with a vibrator! 

Scene 2: Claire ties Trinity’s hands behind her back for a hands-free blowjob before trussing her up to the bed frame for doggy with Van Damage!



The Better Sex Guide to Anal Pleasure (NEW ITEM)

The Best Sex lifts Taboos and shows you some great Anal Sex Techniques to Make your orgasm even Better

Stimulation of this erogenous area can produce explosive orgasms for both men and women; an orgasm from prostate stimulation can be the most intense a man can have. See real couples demonstrating explicitly detailed positions for anal sex techniques, specially designed anal toys and lubricants, plus much more!

Anal sex may be the last taboo. Negative attitudes, plus a lack of information have shaped social opinions about anal sex techniques. Dr. Jack Morin, the world’s foremost authority on anal health and pleasure, explains the physiology of anal stimulation, dispels myths, and discusses the role of proper preparation in achieving anal pleasure



Nina Hartley's Guide to Strap On Sex (NEW ITEM)

This is a good learning tool for women who want to use strap on... It has all the things you need to know on how to please your woman. How to use it naturally. How to be like a real man in you. Naturally Nina Hartley is the authority to teach beginners or even advanced alike


Maximum Performance: Guide to Penis Enlargement and Potency Techniques

Take your sex life to the max!
Achieving the largest and best erection is not only important for a man's self-esteem but is also the best way to please his sexual partner. Reach your maximum potential by following the unique state-of-the-art system presented in this video. Includes important new information about Super Foods, vitamins, supplements, ejaculation control, vacuum pumps and devices. Plus the latest surgical and medical techniques and much more. 60 minutes
Maximum Orgasm's, maximum pleasure!

Men can learn to enjoy prolonged orgasm -- even multiple orgasms -- by using these trainings based on the ancient art of the Tantra. This easy-to-follow video reveals how to unlock your natural sexual energy and explore the energy points of the male body, including the prostate. Learn techniques of breathing, massage and masturbation that will bring you to new heights of pleasure and self awareness. 60 minutes


Unlocking the Secrets of the G-Spots

Here comes the big one!
Learn how to expand your outer limits of pleasure in this video. Unlock the secrets of stimulating her G-Spot while learning how to achieve male multiple orgasms. The video includes cutting edge research presented by leading sex experts and explicit demonstrations by participating couples

Nina Hartley's Advanced Guide to Sex Toys

Come play with Nina! Sex Superstar Nina Hartley opens her toybox and invites you to participate in this delicious and demonstrative video


Nina Hartley’s Advanced Guide To Oral Sex

Nina’s going down ... on her friends! If you think you know everything about giving and receiving oral sex, think again! This video shows you step-by-step how men and women can give their lover the best oral lovin’ ever! Nina demonstrates advanced techniques with an erotic exploration of the male and female anatomy. Ever tried cunninglingus through cellophane? Find out the "ins-and-outs" of this and many other titillating ideas! The stars of this video get so turned on, they go ahead and indulge in some lusty sex! You’ll be ready to try the ideas presented first hand! 87 X-rated minutes


Better Oral Sex Techniques

Oral sex is the most sensual of all love play, capable of producing sensations that far surpass the pleasures of intercourse alone. This erotic act of lovemaking is raised to an art form in Better Oral Sex Techniques. Dr. Marty Klein and Dr. Diana Wiley introduce basic techniques that can help couples master cunnilingus and fellatio. Viewers will learn how to communicate their likes and dislikes, discover their partner's most sensitive areas of arousal, and will watch explicit demonstrations of tips on the best positions, pressure and timing. This video helps couples overcome their fears and concerns about oral sex and creates a comfortable, safe environment for couples of all levels of experience. For those who have never tried oral sex, all your questions will be answered and anxieties put to rest. Discover new ways to enjoy what's been called the ultimate _expression of love. Explicit sexual content. 60 minutes





You Can Last Longer

More than five million men reach orgasm sooner than they or their partners would like. Fortunately, almost all of them can learn simple methods to achieve greater ejaculatory control. While Dr. Derek C. Polonsky and sex therapist Marian E. Dunn walk you through the mechanics, real couples demonstrate in explicit detail the step-by-step self-help techniques most prescribed by sex therapists. The Stop/Start Technique and the Squeeze Technique, for example, have been proven to be 90% effective. Explicit sexual content. 55 minutes.



Man's Guide To Stronger Erections

The excitement of sexual arousal, the pleasure of fulfillment, the return to complete sexual intimacy -- you can enjoy them again with help from A Man's Guide To Stronger Erections. Learn the causes of erectile difficulty and explore the latest diagnostic procedures. In just 60 minutes, you will see explicit demonstrations of treatment options that help restore your sexual pleasure: sex therapy, oral medications, vacuum pumps, injection therapy, surgical implants, and much more.Explicit sexual content




Better Sex Video Series

The Better Sex Video Series offers not just demonstrations for having better sex, but also the very latest in sexual techniques, adult toys and total relationship fulfillment! New footage, a bonus short film and a behind the scenes look at the making of the Better Sex Video Series are included in each volume. Even in the best relationships, lovemaking can lose its excitement all too soon. The Better Sex Video Series is designed to help you put the fun back into sex. Recommended by doctors and therapists, it is the world's best selling sex education video series. The series is especially helpful for couples who want to rekindle the passion they once had. Many sex therapists report that the Better Sex Video Series helps couples communicate more openly about their sex lives. Order yours today! Then watch and learn


Sex: A Lifelong Pleasure

Watch and Learn! This is a video every couple will want to share. Expert opinions from world-renowned sex therapists Goedele Liekens and Dr. Michael Perry guide you through proven techniques to overcome inhibitions and make sex fun! Watch as a real couple explicitly demonstrates these techniques for achieving sexual satisfaction and shares secrets that can help you invigorate your sexual relationship. What you see will educate. It will motivate. And it will excite


The Erotic Guide to Sexual Fantasies For Lovers

 Complete with therapist introductions and explanations, this video includes fantasies centering on masturbation for an audience, domination, same sex fantasy, sex outdoors, and many other sizzling scenes. You'll also come away from this video with a better understanding of the role that fantasies play in our lives. Explicit sexual content. 60 minutes








Toys For Better Sex

Explore the limitless regions of intimacy and arousal through this erotic, breakthrough series. Watch as couples demonstrate the use of up-to-date versions of various sex toys, oral techniques and tips to better orgasms. The Better Sex Erotic Pleasures Series contains explicit demonstrations to help you and your partner expand the boundaries of your sexual pleasure and uncover your lover’s secret pleasure spots! America’s leading sexuality experts offer guidance and perspective on ways to heighten your partners orgasmic intensity and moves to drive your lover wild






The Complete Guide to Sexual Positions 

The ultimate sex guide, with over 100 positions explicitly demonstrated in over sixteen different categories. Includes oral, G-Spot and anal positions. Learn to satisfy with deep penetration. Use the exclusive triple stimulation technique to drive your woman to new heights of ecstasy. Based on the best selling book! Explicit; full color. 55-minutes

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